My Mom – my Life, my Heartbeat

Mother, the most lovely personality in the world. No one can describe her in his words. Yes, no one can do it. It is difficult to describe her love, her pain for child, her difficulties in taking care of her child. Moms are really admirable personality in the world.

My Mom: Why I like you

My mom is the best mom of world. No one can be like her. She is the only person in my life that help me a lot for no reward. She is the innocent lady of the world. She gave lot of sacrifices for me and for my bright future.
Thank you, mom.

All mothers are innocent kind and warmhearted like my mother. She always make breakfast for me every morning that’s why mother is most lovely personality. She always remain worry for me, when I came out form the house. It is the natural love. She always pray for my success and my protection that’s why I love her so much. I can’t stop myself to do that because it is natural.

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Mother: She is the builder of a good society

 What a beautiful thing created by God the natural love is! It always remain growing instead of decreasing. Mother you always suggest me the path of virtue. She always ask me to behave good with others. Today, I can say that all that I am because of my mother.

My good manners, my behavior with others, even all virtues in me is because of my mother. She cooks my favorite dishes for me and always advice me to do work hard in my studies. Their are many other good virtues and it is not possible at that moment to jot down her all virtues. she is not a Ordinary personality. She is very mean to me.

Last words I want to say to my sweet mom
I love you, mom.
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