Mother – An Irreplaceable Person in our Lives

“But behind all your stories is always your mother’s story, because hers is where yours begins”

As quoted by Mitch Albom, mothers have always been very important parts of our lives be it
mentally or physically. Some call her mom; some say mumma, some say maa, and some say
ammi. People call her out differently but the feeling behind every word is the same. She is this
one person in everyone’s lives who has been constant and seen us to the core of our hearts.

It was never possible for her to think about herself because she has this habit of always keeping
her children ahead of everything. She is not some ordinary person, but she is a feeling that
stays in our hearts forever.

This woman is really amazing that God has created for us. She is an angel who solves all our
problems and holds us together by preventing us from falling apart. Mom has always taught her
children about how to enjoy life to the fullest without any regrets. She always wishes that
whatever she could not get her entire life; her children should get it. She has incredible wisdom
and knowledge about life. She brightens up the whole house with her smile and joy. Winni
believes that moms are simply incredible!

Mother’ is the most beautiful word in the world. Every letter in it stands for something worthy.

● M stands for her mannered nature, which depicts her generosity, politeness, nobility
towards every person in her life.
● O represents her optimistic vision towards every problem in life, which uplifts the
confidence of her family.
● T stands for tender-hearted nature she has for her children. How much worse the
situation is she never loses her calm and always stays loving, gentle, and sweet.
● H depicts the happy-go-lucky nature that maintains the environment at home. She is
easy going and never gets hyper about anything.
● E stands for the emotions that she hides in herself. She forgets all her dreams and
ambitions for her kids.
● R represents her reassuring nature that pleases everyone. She never forgets to make
her kids feel comfortable with her.

They are the emotional backbone of any family and always hold up everyone’s feelings.
Whenever her kids fall, she is always the first to run and pick them up, whether it is physically or
mentally. They have made a lot of sacrifices and have worked hard to make sure that we all get
into our places such as schools, offices, etc. She was there to support our career goals when no
one believes in us.

Mother – An Irreplaceable Person in our Lives

If she can make our lives so pleasant and happy, then it is also our responsibility to blow out
some happiness and joy in her life. Even we need to express our love and gratitude to her, and
the best way for this is gifts. Our mother loves giving us happiness and celebrate even our
smallest successes. Hence, we can also make an effort for her to feel the same. It will be a
sweet gesture if we give her personalized gifts such as birthday cards, photo frames, etc.

One can find uncountable online portals that suggest various gift ideas for women and provide
a lot of options. They give a lot of options like personalized clocks, photo frames, bouquets,
cakes, mugs, etc. There are a lot of gifts for her in various designs and colors, and you can
buy anything for her that she would like.

In this digital era, there are a massive plethora of online delivery websites that provide gifts for
mom at the doorstep of your house. Not only this, but they also offer a huge range of eateries
such as cakes, desserts, chocolates, etc. These few gestures and efforts made by us will lighten
up her day and be a sweet memorable moment for the rest of her life.

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She will never ask you for anything it is you who should make an effort for her being her child. Mothers can, for instance, also not think about their husbands, but it can never happen that she forgets her child. Her children are her world, and she can do anything for them. So, as a child, we should pamper her with surprises and gifts. It would make her feel extremely special and loving. She will know how much she is important for her kids.

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