149+ Happy Mother’s Day Messages & Greetings 2021 (New)

 Please your Mom with the best happy Mother’s day 2021 Messages, Quotes, Wishes and Greetings  

Mothers day is a prestigious day celebrated to pay honor and gratitude to all the mothers share Happy Mothers Day Messages out there. Each individual tries there best to impress their beloved woman in different, new and innovative ways. Do you wanna know what you can do apart from others to make her happy? Well don’t break a sweat, we will help you through this. There is one certain thing that overall all women love and we are 100% sure that your mother will love this gesture too and that is sweet Happy Mothers Day Messages 2021.

We are here to make your Mother’s day even more beautiful and special as we are going to provide you with best of the, happy mother’s day messages, funny mother’s day messages, mother’s day text messages, happy mother’s day message to friend.

These messages will lift up your joy of your mother’s day celebrations. You can express your love for your mother in even better way by choosing these messages. Along with this, you can also extend your felicitations with your friends in the form of these messages.

Happy Mother’s Day Messages 2021

Are you looking for good messages to express your love with your mother? Let us make your day memorable with these loving words which would make your bond even stronger with your mother. These will be the best word to show your love for your mother with these Happy Mother’s day messages.

Thank you for always being there, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!
Wishing you all the love and happiness you so richly deserve. I hope you have a very happy Mother’s Day!
Happy Mother’s Day Mom! Thank you for looking after us so well, I know it’s not always easy! We love you!
Whenever I see you my beloved Mother, my believe in God becomes even stronger, you are the cause that I bow before my God and thank Him for such a rare blessing. Happy Mother’s day!
Sorry Mother, when I annoyed on various occasion, I do this because I know you cannot leave me alone. Happy Mother’s day!
East or west, my beloved Mother is the best.
I always feel proud to have you as my Mother Mom; you are the only one who loves me in true essence. Happy Mother’s day.
Happy Mother’s day! I never saw such a wonderful and loving woman other than you. I thank my God for having you
You are the one and only person Mom; for whom I have special place in my heart, for whom I can even give up my life. Happy Mother’s day.

Inspirational Happy Mother’s Day Messages

We are sure you may have heard how much girls love to get sweet and meaningful texts, well you can do the same for your mother on mothers day by sending her happy mothers day messages. We are sure that she will love it. You can change the text’s tone as you want you can either make it a funny mothers day message or an Inspirational Mothers Day Message.

What so ever it is, we have to admit that messages are the one thing your mother will adore by her heart. Like literally what’s better than waking up to sweet and meaningful texts from loved ones right?

Thanks for giving me the best things in life: Your love, your care, and your cooking. Happy Mother’s Day!
To the best mom in the world, Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for being chief cook, counsellor, taxi-driver, cheerleader, and best all-round mom in the world.
May your Mother’s Day be filled with as much happiness as you brought to my childhood.
May all the love you gave to us come back to you a hundredfold on this special day!
Mother, you are the most precious thing I ever have, you are the most desired thing I always want to have, you are the best blessing of God to whom I have been bestowed.

Mother’s Day Messages In English And Hindi

Love Should also be Expressed in Every Language.
We will prefer that you to send her the message in your native tongue because that gives more feels when someone reads it, as compared to texts in an international language.

However, most Mothers Day Messages are available in English only. So that’s also nothing to worry about, just send her something that has a deep meaning because whichever the language is one this is guaranteed and that is unlimited love. That you want to deliver to your mother, that love can be conveyed in any language.

It may be possible to gild pure gold, but who can make his mother more beautiful? – Mahatma Gandhi
There’s nothing like a mother’s love to give us all the strength we need to succeed. Thanks for everything, Mom.
May your Mother’s Day be filled with as much happiness as you brought to my childhood.
Thanks for giving me the best things in life: Your love, your care, and your cooking. Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day Messages From Daughter And Son

Mothers Love Messages From Her Kids
A woman loves when she receives these kinds of texts and it gets more special when those messages are from her kids. Imagine her waking up to sweet happy mothers day texts from her daughter and son, how cute is that. A mothers heart is like wax on a burner no matter what you do she will absolutely adore it. Whatever you will do for your mother on this day or on any other day, big or small. She will love it no matter what.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! I feel so blessed to have you as my mom. Thanks for always believing in me and doing so much for me. I love you!
Happy Mother’s Day to the most amazing mommy. Thanks for all the diaper changes, meal times (even when I throw my food on the floor), and endless outfit changes. You really are amazing!
Mommy, thank you for looking after us so well and making every day so much fun. Have a very happy mother’s day!
We love you Mom! Thanks for all you do for our family. We hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day.
I hope you have an amazing Mother’s Day, Mom, and that you feel truly appreciated on your special day.
Wishing you a very special Mothers Day. Thank you for always being there for me!
Happy Mothers Day to the greatest mom! We don’t say it enough, but we really appreciate all that you do for us every day. You are truly the glue that holds our family together!

Funny Happy Mother’s Day Messages To Send

There is only mother who can see your love behind your every action you do for her. The relation with mother belongs to love, joy and even madness. There is only mother who can bear you when you make mischiefs and do wrong things. Here we have Funny Mother’s day messages to maintain balance of emotions on Mother’s day. Now you may express your love with your mother while being funny.

I know Mom I am lucky enough to have you but, same is not the case with you to have me, thanks for hanging up there with me. Happy Mother’s Day Mom!
Sorry Mother sometimes I drove You Crazy, I do this because I know you love me and I will keep on doing this as you will keep on loving me. Happy Mother’s Day
Happy Mother’s Day Mom, today promise you again to fix my room right as I promised you last year.

Happy Mother’s Day Messages For Friends And Family

Make Your Friends and Family Feel special too
Each woman that holds the honor of being a mother, deserves to be respected and honored on this auspicious day for mothers and to be very honest. We should understand that these sweet gestures are just not reserved for her. You should send these happy mothers day card text messages to anyone who is a mother.

Maybe your friends or someone from your family, they all deserve to feel equally loved and appreciated for the efforts they do for there kids. Whether it is your friends’ mom or your friend who is a mom, you have to make them feel special on this day. These wishes for mothers day will cheer all them up and it will surely make their day special.

Happy Mother’s day my dear friend, you children are very lucky to have mother like you. You are true inspiration for me as you are managing your family and households.
Happy Mother’s day! Seeing a mother like you is really very good for me. I appreciate you and wish you very happy life ahead.
I wonder when I see you managing all task along with your children, you have been a light for me to get through success in my life. What a great mother you are.
Happy Mother’s Day friends! Your children must have some extraordinary qualities as they have been bestowed a mother like you.
I wish you very Happy First Mother’s day of yours, in really appreciate the you are bringing up your progeny.
Hello! my Dear Friend, please let me wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day. I really laud the way you have adopted with your family and children.

Heartfelt Happy Mother’s Day Messages 2021

Being away from your mother on the special occasion of Mother’s day is really very sad but, you need not to worry. We have figured out solution of this problem. Are you missing your mother on Mother’s day? Get these Mother’s Day text messages and express your love to her through these messages.

Mom! Your everyday should be mother day, after all, you are having child like me.
Thanks for being such a great Mother who could love such a crazy child like me.
Mother! Today I decided to give you something much more than special so, I offer you some quietness and peace from my side. Happy Mother’s Day Mom.
Happy Mother’s day Mom! You should really be thankful before God for being the mother of such a brilliant child.
Mother! Thank you for your unpaid services for us, we pay our gratitude to you with 21 cannons.
You are the best thing that has been given to me, you are the for which I thank God the most. Happy mother’s day!
Everything in this world can be ignored from my side but, your love and affection can never be forgotten as my body had been part of your body. Happy Mother’s Day.
Mother! Your love always protects me against evils, your prayers keeps me away from junks, your advises show me right path when I am in dark. Thank mother for being there for me. Happy Mother’s day.

Short Happy Mother’s Day Messages

Mother is the only one who understand each one of us in every way. So why not do something new this Mom’s Day 2021? Let’s show her that she’s worth it! This year on Happy Mothers Day 2021 show your mother how much you love her with the help of these sweet & short Mother’s Day Messages.

Mom you are like the sun for me who provided me the space and opportunities to grow, in your light I always saw a clear difference between evil and good deeds.
Mom you’re the sweetest sound of my life, most precious among all I have, most loved among all others. It’s only you Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!
Happy Mother’s Day to you Mom! I would never forget your binding love and unconditional support for me. I am blessed to have you.
Mom! I don’t have words to express my love for you but, I know you will understand my feelings as once you were the true representative of my emotions when I was child.
Mother! All my success and progress were based upon you and I salute you for the training you provided me. Whatever I am today, this all belongs to you. Love you Mom.

Long Happy Mother’s Day Messages

Whenever someone asks me is there anyone who loves you more than her own life? I bluntly say yes, yes she is my mother who loves me more than her own life, I say yes, she is my mother who endangered her own life to bring me in this world, I say yes, she is my mother who made me strong enough to protect me on my own. I can never forget the favors and sacrifices you made for me my beloved mother, Happy Mother’s day!
you are the best partner of mine when I am weak, you are the best companion of mine when I am strong, you are the only one who remained with me through my thick and thin, you are the only one who always wants to see me successful, my dear mother all these your favors can never be paid off, mother please be with me for always. Happy Mother’s day!
My dearest friend I would like to wish you a very happy mother’s day. I know you are great mother and you would inculcate the best manners in your children It’s very happy to see you as a mother, I would also like to act in a same way, when I will have a child, as you are acting now as a mother. Happy Mother’s Day.

Text Messages To Write In Happy Mother’s Day Cards

We have some sweet and nice norms and values when it comes to Mother’s Day. May the legacy of this day remain alive. The trends of sending card on Mother’s day is really a very nice and decent way to pay your greetings to your mother. We facilitate you in this regard too. Take a special Mother’s day message and show your love for your mother.

My beloved Mother! You always have been a source of inspirations for me. Your teachings never let me down from right path. I love the way brought us up. Thank you so much for hanging up with us. Happy Mother’s day.
Mother! You have been my dearest of all the times. I am proud to have mother like you. I might have some specialty in myself due to which I was born to you. Happy Mother’s Day!
Whenever I look at you Mother, I forget all my sorrows and worries. I always think that no harm could come to me unless your prayers are with me. Happy Mother’s Day!
Mother! I have come across countless people in my life but, I could never find the best except you. Your love and care for me can never be paid off. Happy Mother’s Day!
sweet Mother! My all happiness revolves around you. My all expectations belong to you , My all sorrows wait for you to console them. Mom I am nothing without you, I love you Mom. Happy Mother’s day!
Happy mother’s day to you, my Angel, my best friend and my love. Mother you really deserve much more than these mere words. But, I know you have understood my feelings.
My dear Mother! Thanks for make me the richest person of this world. Because you are my wealth and no doubt, more precious than any other thing.
Mother! I just cannot imagine that how miserable and hollow this world would be without you. I found myself not a poor anymore when I realize that I have my mother. Happy Mother’s Day.

What are the qualities of good Mothers?

No doubt, mother has always been the most beautiful blessing of God. There exists no concept of world without mother. These are the blessings of mothers that world has made so much progress. There have been inculcated a huge love in mother for her child.

It’s only mother who gives birth to her child in such a severe pain, it is only mother who takes all pains upon her and yet saves her child from pain, it is only mother who makes his child invincible for other, it is only mother to whom you can say whatever you want, it is only mother who plays the biggest role in paving the path of success for you. Means, the word Mother cannot be circumscribed by the words only.

What to write in a Mother’s day card?

This is a frequently asked question. The answer of this question is very simple. Just pick a colorful splendid card according to your Mother’s favorite color and jot down your lovely feelings about your Mother. If you are having trouble in writing your feelings than you can write mother’s day messages in a Mother’s day card to express your love with your mom.

You can write more than one Mother’s day messages in a single card. We provided you a best collection of Mother’s day card messages which completely express your lovely feelings about Mother’s day in above section. You can also send Mother’s day e-cards to your mother online. Take advantage of technology and send happy Mother’s day ecards online to your Mother.

Happy Mother’s Day Quotes

Impress your mother by sending her Happy Mother’s Day Quotes of 2021

Most of the people around us think that gifting something to their mothers on mothers day is very important. Little do they know that all our mothers want from us is love and attention, it’s not important to gift her expensive gifts and show her big gestures.

You can do the smallest thing for her by your heart and she will absolutely adore the idea that you remembered her. Share and Explore Beautiful Happy Mothers Day Quotes 2021. There are plenty of ways to show your love to your mother by meaningful words, you can send her Happy Mothers Day Quotes on the beautiful day of mothers.

If you are having trouble finding a suitable quote for your beautiful mother, don’t worry we will help you find it by telling you how and what to search.

“Life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face.”

– George Eliot

“We are born of love; Love is our mother.”

– Rumi

“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.”

– Abraham Lincoln

“When you look into your mother’s eyes, you know that is the purest love you can find on this earth.”

– Mitch Albom

“A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.”

– Cardinal Meymillod

“When you look into your mother’s eyes, you know that is the purest love you can find on this earth.”

– Mitch Albom

“Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children.”

Happy Mother’s Day Best Inspirational Quotes

We are not saying you to sit down for days and design quotes, you can easily search them up. That’s what the internet is for, to make things easy right?
Let’s have a look!

Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love.

-Stevie Wonder

Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.

-Marion C. Garretty

Life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face.

-George Eliot

Happy Mother’s Day Quotes From Daughter 2021

We know how much daughters are adored by mothers and why not? They are the little angels of each woman out there. So ladies what are you planning on doing this 09th May for your mothers? Look, to be honest all the clingy things are gone too old fashioned. Now people want more of something in written, something with more feels. So why not send her a happy mothers day quote from a daughter’s perspective? We assure you that she will love it with every inch of her heart.

A mother is a daughter’s first best friend.

My Mother: She is beautiful, softened at the edges and tempered with a spine of steel. I want to grow old and be like her.

-Jodi Picoult

Home is where your mom is.

No matter your age, you always need your mom.

I do what I want, when I want, where I want… if my mom says it’s ok

Happy Mother’s Day Quotes From Son

Now all the guys out there, let us tell you one very important fact real fast. Did you know that even more than daughters, mothers expect their sons to do something for them? And why not? Girls are always labeled to being sweet and kind but what your mother will love is a surprise wish from there sons. Something like a happy mothers day quote from her son will surely cheer her up.

I love my mother as trees loves water and sunshine. She helps me grow, prosper, and reach great heights.

-Terry Guillemets

A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.

All that I am, or home to be, I owe to my angel mother

-Abraham Lincoln

Happy Mother’s Day Quotes For Friends

Your friends should not be left out in this prestigious day of mothers, if she is a mother then she also deserves to have something beautiful from her friends. You should also take out time to send her happy mothers day quotes for friends of yours. This way she will also feel noticed by you and trust us a woman feels more than special when she knows that people notice her and value her.

“A mother is your first friend, your best friend, your forever friend.”


“When you are looking at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.”

—Charley Benetto

“Mother is the heartbeat in the home; and without her, there seems to be no heart throb.”

—Leroy Brownlow

“Mothers are like glue. Even when you can’t see them, they’re still holding the family together.”

—Susan Gale

Happy Mother’s Day Quotes For Sister

Every woman deserves to feel loved and special on this beautiful day and you can make her feel that way by your little actions and ways. We are sure that by sending her these kinds of short, cute, meaningful and famous mothers day quotes for sister. You will surely make her day more fulfilling.

I have always known as an awesome sister but now I know you as the best mother who is always there for her children despite all the odds. I have seen you grow from a girl to a woman, from a daughter to a mother. A Happy Mothers Day to my sister.

Dear sister, happy mother’s day wishes for you. I pray the bond with your newborn daughter bring endless happiness and good luck in your life.

The worst part about having you as my sister is that I can never hide anything from you. That is also the best part actually, because I sail through my troubles after I listen to your point of view. Happy mothers day sister.

Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love.

-Stevie Wonder

Best Happy Mothers Day Wishes

Ways in which you can wish your Mother. Well sometimes we are not in the same area as our parents, most of the times people are abroad for work or study purposes. So we don’t get time to spend Mother’s Day with our moms.

Most of the people try the easy way of wishing her happy mothers day on WhatsApp, with a cute picture of them or uploading status of a picture of their mother. On the other hand, some people like to keep it public and they show their happy mothers day wishes on facebook, by maybe uploading a picture or something.

You can always go with these kinds of tactics, they are easy and less time consuming too.

For all you’ve done, we should celebrate every day Mother’s Day!

Do you know how magnificent you are? Happy Mother’s Day!

You’ve always been an angel to me, even when I was a little devil to you. Happy Mom’s Day!

To my mom, my role model, and my best friend… Happy Mother’s Day.

Funny Happy Mothers Day Wishes

We do have to admit that our mothers get no days off, they barely get time to chill out and relax. They don’t even get time for themselves, so why not make her day funny and nice? By expressing your love through hilarious means? People who think the same way, they try to make their mothers day wishes funny and light. This way you get to express your feelings in the best ways possible.

We’ve had our differences, but I’ve never doubted your love. Thank you for all the sacrifices and hard work over the years.

If you weren’t such a great mother, there’s no way you could have handled a brat like me!

I really won the “Mom Lotto” with you. Happy Mother’s Day to a lady who’s one in a million!

Just want to make sure you know how much I love and appreciate you, not just on Mother’s Day but every day.

Mom, I’ve loved you my whole life, but I haven’t always appreciated you like I should. Thank you for everything.

Happy Mother’s Day to the person who knows me better than I know myself.

Happy Mothers Day Wishes From Daughter & Son

Greeting from children are always the best. Mothers adore whatever is done for them, especially when it is done by her kin. It’s said that moms wait for mothers day wishes from her son and wishes from her daughter.

Why wouldn’t she not wait? Obviously, she bore so much pain and suffering to bring us in this world and the suffering didn’t just end there. That was just the start to more never ending stress to her.

There are no potential ways to describe her dignity and her love towards us and as children can’t thank her enough for even the slightest things she has done for us.

So why don’t we take a little while off to make these small things special, these are the only thing she really lives for. Maybe for us, these mothers day wishes are not a big deal but from a mothers perspective. It means everything for her, for her its like a Christmas and Easter on the very same day.

So why don’t we just take our little time out and do some efforts this 09th of May? To show our mothers how much she is important to each one of us, let’s pledge that we are going to make this mothers day wishes special for our mothers.

“A man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest.”

Happy Mother’s Day from your headstrong, often naughty, and (more recently) very appreciative son.

“Men are what their mothers made them.”

Mom, you always believed in me more than I believed in myself, and I can’t thank you enough for that.

I might not be your “little man” anymore, but you still have all my love. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mom I love you for showing me the world and for all that you have done for me. Love you lots from my heart. Wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.

Best friends and the best mother ever; you are seriously a gift to me Mommy. I love you. Happy Mother’s day.

If there was a day for everything you have given to me as a mother, it would be a Mother’s Day every day.

Happy Mothers Day Wishes For Sister

Well, you may be thinking that when you surf the internet why do you find cards and quotes for sister and friends. All originating for mothers day. Let us tell you why mothers day is just not the day for your mother. It’s a glorious day for every mother or mother to be out there.

This day is an honor to motherhood and mother’s pride, this is a day that we should join hands to pay gratitude to each mom out there.

Irrespective of your relation to that mother, they all deserve equal love and respect lets take example of the two closet mother relations around you, You should plan something to make a happy mothers day for your sister and if you are married then you may plan for a happy mothers day wish for your sister in law because no matter what.

“Dear little sister, although you are the youngest you were the first to be a Mother, and you are a great Mother, I am very proud of you. Today I want you to have a nice Mother’s Day. A big hug for you.“

Happy Mother’s Day To A Fabulous Sis! I hope your day is filled with as much fun and laughter as we made as children!

At the end of the day, they are all woman and they are going to grow up and be mothers someday.

Mothers Day Wishes For Sister In Law

I steal and snatch things from you all year round. So Mother’s day is a great time to give you a gift and return the favor. Happy Mothers day to my sister.

Happy mother’s day wishes for my cute sister. Your heart has a deep love for your baby, and I know the bonding relationship with your child would be much precious and fruitful.

Happy Mother’s Day Wishes For All Mom

Smiling mother and daughter hugging each other, Circular frame with flowers decoration Mothers Day Wish For All Mom on Mother’s Day celebration.

This day we are the ones, especially the men. To make it special for our hardworking and time dedicating ladies, let’s make it a day they will cherish forever and there is a wish even from us. Wish You A Happy Mothers Day 2021 to all of you.

Thank you for always being there, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! Thank you for looking after us so well, I know it’s not always easy! We love you!

Wishing you all the love and happiness you so richly deserve. I hope you have a very happy Mother’s Day!

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